Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When the pretty things come to town.

   I've been lucky enough to make friends with some of the best people in show biz, or the traveling sidehshow/burlesque biz anyway! They come to Lansing every tour for a show, and let my troupe The Klaw Mark Kittens open every show. We've had a blast getting to know everyone and learning from them. They camp in their tour bus outside my house when they're in town. Normally for a couple nights. Last time their day off I took them to all the good thrift stores in town. This time we spent the day taking photos in my kitchen and at Firefly Farm. The ponies at the farm are all highly trained trick ponies who are always a blast to shoot with. Everyone in the show was super excited to get to shoot with them. I haven't edited them all yet but they are looking too cute so far! Last night some of the girls and I traded hair tips, had cocktails, and watched Tom Waits on the late show.

   When ever they leave I always feel exhausted from all the fun, which only really makes me respect them more since they've been in that tour bus for 2 months non stop, and still have a week to go putting on a show almost every night. I'm glad I can show them a bit of fun on their day off. A few of the performers are straight from the Coney Island sideshow. Anyone who knows me knows my deep love for Coney for years now. I actually saw Heather Holliday and Donny Vomit perform at the sideshow when I was 18. When I heard they were coming to Lansing the first time I flipped. I took photos at the show, and thank god got up the nerve to talk to Gogo Amy after, when she found out I did pin up photography she told me about her pin up class and asked if I wanted to run one in Michigan, I jumped at the chance and since then (last summer) we've done five classes together. I love being a part of pretty things academy. Amy has become one of my good friends and I could seriously (and have actually) sit up talking with her all night. She's got big things a head of her, and I can't wait to see where she goes in life!

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