Monday, July 9, 2012

Planning ahead!

 Things have progressed with our buying a house, we did the inspection which went amazingly well, and we're just waiting on getting a few repairs done. But our agent said it was safe to start packing!!! Which I took as it was also safe to start planning future remodels. Now there isn't too much I want to do to the house. I absolutely adore so much about it. Mostly just a little paint here and there, and replace a few windows, but one thing I'm totally gutting is the downstairs bathroom (The upstairs is already adorable. I might add vintage style wall paper, and new floor, but you'll see all that later.) Now the downstairs bathroom looks straight out of the 90s. As you can see! There are big clunky wood cabinets and a tan handicap shower stall. (which I understand since elderly people lived in the house) But since I'm always in need of more shooting space, and the one thing I'll miss about my tiny house is my claw foot tub, I easily decided this bathroom needed to be redone. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the tan tile yet. I know there will be new flooring, and the wallpaper and all the fixtures are going to go. I think if we tear out the shower and the little closet next to it their will be enough space to fit a small claw foot, and I put out my feelers on face book to see if anyone has heard of a pink vintage sink and toilet for sale. As luck would have it one of my client's brothers wasn't thrilled about having pink fixtures and was looking to replace them. So soon I'll be picking up the little number below and the match toilet. I'm SO excited the first offer I got was for such a cute sink, this is exactly what I had in mind! I can't wait to move in, I just want to get to work already!!!

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  1. Aw I love that sink! I just know you are gona make your new home so cute! xxx