Saturday, July 28, 2012

I wanna be a perfume ad.

 A couple of new self portraits. Out of sheer boredom.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Say "yes" to crack!

 The photo above was removed from my photography facebook page for being "inappropriate" while all the ones below remained untouched. Since this was my second "offense" I was banned from posting content to facebook for 24 hours. Next offense i'll be banned and my accounts disabled. Well how do you like that? I'm pretty sure there are thousands maybe more more offensive and inappropriate photos than this on facebook. I think a lot of people agree with me. Plus my page is set so only people 18+ can view my page. Since I didn't want to risk losing my photography page I took down the other photos. But they can be seen here! The model is Camilla Cupcake, hair by Stephanie Strowbridge, Make up by Rachel Finan, and the amazing lingerie is designed by Frantic About Frances!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Self Portraits

 For some reason yesterday I got the idea that I needed to take some self portraits, maybe its because I was playing with my make up and it turned out and I had no where to go! Or maybe it was because for some reason I decided to break my lazy cycle and roll my hair, so my hair was curly and fabulous and again, no where to go. So no where to go + time to kill = self portraits. I don't take anything more than point and shoot snaps of myself once in a while normally because I always feel burnt out on making everyone else look fabulous, but sometimes it just must be done! I have to say i'm pretty pleased with the way these few turned out. One good thing about editing my self portraits is I feel more allowed to play with weird editing techniques, its how I pick up new tricks and start digging for new textures and paintbrushes. When something works, I start using it for client's photos. So in the long run, its never just play for me, i'm always working in one way or the other. But I really don't mind it. I think with out my job i'd be a total nutcase right now! One thing I can't handle is having nothing to do for long periods of time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A bit of inspirations

With new space to live in work with its hard not to be inspired. For some reason i've had color on the brain, and for not expecting to do much in the ways of painting at our new house, I've had so many visions for what I want to do in each room I haven't really settled on any one just yet. I guess i'll know what will feel right when I actually get to spend more than 15 minutes at a time in the house. (o: I'm already picturing photos I want to take. I've been getting more ideas for some more "high fashion" type shots, that will still have that quirky vintage look that I love. Could be a start of a brand new era of style for me. I always get excited thinking about possibilities, and the possibilities this new house is going to bring me are pretty vast! I can't wait!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


My current house has very little organization, nothing like a big move to put me in the mood to organize. I found all sorts of good ideas for organizing on pintrest. Here are a few!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When the pretty things come to town.

   I've been lucky enough to make friends with some of the best people in show biz, or the traveling sidehshow/burlesque biz anyway! They come to Lansing every tour for a show, and let my troupe The Klaw Mark Kittens open every show. We've had a blast getting to know everyone and learning from them. They camp in their tour bus outside my house when they're in town. Normally for a couple nights. Last time their day off I took them to all the good thrift stores in town. This time we spent the day taking photos in my kitchen and at Firefly Farm. The ponies at the farm are all highly trained trick ponies who are always a blast to shoot with. Everyone in the show was super excited to get to shoot with them. I haven't edited them all yet but they are looking too cute so far! Last night some of the girls and I traded hair tips, had cocktails, and watched Tom Waits on the late show.

   When ever they leave I always feel exhausted from all the fun, which only really makes me respect them more since they've been in that tour bus for 2 months non stop, and still have a week to go putting on a show almost every night. I'm glad I can show them a bit of fun on their day off. A few of the performers are straight from the Coney Island sideshow. Anyone who knows me knows my deep love for Coney for years now. I actually saw Heather Holliday and Donny Vomit perform at the sideshow when I was 18. When I heard they were coming to Lansing the first time I flipped. I took photos at the show, and thank god got up the nerve to talk to Gogo Amy after, when she found out I did pin up photography she told me about her pin up class and asked if I wanted to run one in Michigan, I jumped at the chance and since then (last summer) we've done five classes together. I love being a part of pretty things academy. Amy has become one of my good friends and I could seriously (and have actually) sit up talking with her all night. She's got big things a head of her, and I can't wait to see where she goes in life!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Planning ahead!

 Things have progressed with our buying a house, we did the inspection which went amazingly well, and we're just waiting on getting a few repairs done. But our agent said it was safe to start packing!!! Which I took as it was also safe to start planning future remodels. Now there isn't too much I want to do to the house. I absolutely adore so much about it. Mostly just a little paint here and there, and replace a few windows, but one thing I'm totally gutting is the downstairs bathroom (The upstairs is already adorable. I might add vintage style wall paper, and new floor, but you'll see all that later.) Now the downstairs bathroom looks straight out of the 90s. As you can see! There are big clunky wood cabinets and a tan handicap shower stall. (which I understand since elderly people lived in the house) But since I'm always in need of more shooting space, and the one thing I'll miss about my tiny house is my claw foot tub, I easily decided this bathroom needed to be redone. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the tan tile yet. I know there will be new flooring, and the wallpaper and all the fixtures are going to go. I think if we tear out the shower and the little closet next to it their will be enough space to fit a small claw foot, and I put out my feelers on face book to see if anyone has heard of a pink vintage sink and toilet for sale. As luck would have it one of my client's brothers wasn't thrilled about having pink fixtures and was looking to replace them. So soon I'll be picking up the little number below and the match toilet. I'm SO excited the first offer I got was for such a cute sink, this is exactly what I had in mind! I can't wait to move in, I just want to get to work already!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pin ups then and now.

I've adored the photo on the left for a long time, I can't even remember how long ago I found it exactly. Random internet searching I come across all kinds of cute stuff that I want to pay tribute to, most of the time the opportunity doesn't arise for the certain setting, until you have 3 friends who force you out of your house and onto a hot beach (rare occasion for me) for a pin up shoot by the shore. Even though i'm a little burnt i'm happy with the photos! I only have a few up on my facebook photography page right now, but once I play catch up on other clients I'll be adding more. I new I wanted to replicate this shot in some way. I had Patsy line her hand up under Val and Vava, and then the girls instantly threw up their guns with out any prompting from me. Sometimes you go in thinking you're just getting a photo, and someone does something a little extra to give it that extra cute factor. 

Pin ups then and now. With modern pin up on occasion I get people who feel the need to post stupid comment on photos, I've noticed at least three types of people who do this, First, a person who totally doesn't understand pin up culture, and is utterly disgusted that a certain pin up may be pale and not dark tan like they are. I believe the comment was "I've never heard 'Wow look at that pasty white person, they look great' " to this I reply, seriously?!? I for one think pale is beautiful, and its most of the time its a personal choice to be pale. Just like its a personal choice to be tan. There is nothing wrong with either one, and just because someone is pale, on purpose or no, does not give someone the right to be a jerk on their photo about it. Last I heard, judging people on their skin color wasn't cool. I know this isn't the classic case, but it still makes you out to look like a jerk, so don't do it. My whole business is about making women feel beautiful, not having them cut down for skin color, shape, size, age, etc.
This is a petty attack that I don't tolerate. 

Second, people who can't get their head around pin ups with tattoos. I know MOST pin ups in the 40s and 50s don't have tattoos, i'm aware of this. I'm sure most people are. Problem is, as much as we'd like it to be sometimes, it is not the 40s or 50s, its 2012. Modern women have tattoos, i'd say a good majority. Not all people live the purest vintage life style, in fact 99% of the women I photograph are everyday women, who have modern lives, families, and jobs. They have tattoos, again, a personal choice they made, that is NONE of anyone's business. In my mind this seems like these people are trying to say that these women should not be allowed to have their pin up photos taken because they have tattoos. Which is totally insane, so lets hope thats just where it stays, in my mind!

The third type is a rarity, but they're out there. 100% vintage purists who will turn their noses up at anything not totally vintage. This I understand to some degree. But being a struggling photographer, trying to keep a business a float. Living in a world where I dress my subjects head to toe in vintage items with vintage accessories and shoes, and props, is not a luxury I can afford. Even if I could, I still wouldn't. I know a cheesy replica when I see one, and tend to avoid those when ever possible. 

There is a little story I want to share, which I still find pretty funny. A woman who lives far away from me, and had been talking to me about shoots since last year recently broke ties with me (out of embarrassment on her part, I assumed, and later confirmed.) I had posted on my personal facebook page, that I my amazing friend Emy was my best friend since I asked her what she wanted to do for her up coming shoot and she replied "the trashier the better". Anyone who knows me well enough, or even follows my work to some degree knows i'm so very in love with the 1960s trashy look. Big bouffants and beehives, bad tattoos, tacky colors and prints. An homage to one of my trashy heroes if you will, John Waters. This woman instantly sent me a message, totally meant for someone else, not sure who, to this day. It said something along the lines of "omg autumn says someone is her bff cause she wants to do a trashy pin up shoot, THESE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE RUINING PIN UP!"

To this I replied...."I'm sorry?" Then I quickly got my thoughts together and typed up a response explaining the type of trashy I was talking about, I only assumed she thought I meant in porny maybe? And also added in that the fact that she, just the week before was trying to coax me into going hundreds of miles from home to do a shoot, and was offering for us to stay at her home even, and then was turning around and talking like this behind my back like this was MUCH trashier than I could ever capture in a photo. I guess I feel the need to share this story, because she never got to see my response. By the time I clicked send she had blocked me, and not only me, ANYONE from Michigan who was a mutual friend. I was totally baffled for about a day.

My artistic expression is mine and mine alone! I feel like if you don't approve of something I do, please, just stop following my work. I don't plan on changing myself because 2 or 3 people out there don't approve, or at least the ones who feel the need to speak up about it. Judge all you like, but I don't intend on making you feel better about my work! I'm only interested in making my clients and myself happy. Rant over. (o: