Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smoking kids.

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot of two awesome kids (my close friend's kids) nicknamed "Mini" and "Tiny" We did the kids version of the trailer trash pin up shoot i'm currently booking in august and sept. I specifically gave the kids root beer bottles (not real beer bottles) and candy cigarettes, (Not realistic looking at all) because it was the the kiddy dress up version. Like how kids might mimic what they saw their parents doing in a in a trailer park in the 1960s with what they could buy on their own at the market. Now I don't want to say this shoot was overly controversial (there were a total of 3 people who had negative comments, out of over 100 comments of people saying they loved it, or defending my choice of candy ciggs (seems like i'm not the only one who grew up loving those!) There was one woman who I actually had to write because I was so appalled by her comment. But over all I'm happy I had so much support and so many people saw the humor in the photos. The mother of the kids made a fantastic point, cedar point, the western photo booths, parents allow their kids to be photographed with bottles of Jim Beam, guns, and who knows what else (I haven't seen one in some time) so if these sugary treats you can buy at the store well under the age of 18 that awful? I think the majority has ruled that candy cigarettes are not a gateway drug.

Frieke Janssens, one of my favorite photographers did a series of smoking kids that I adore, she used chalk and cheese sticks in place of the cigarettes and then photo shopped them in, you can see all the photos and a making-of video here.

I absolutely adore these photos, I hope someday I can do work like this and not be too harassed about it.

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