Thursday, June 21, 2012

My amazing husbear turned 27 today. I bought him boring new socks, underwear, and shorts, a glider plane kite, a bunch of 1940s/50s model airplane magazine and a couple Gig prints for our collection. Now he's playing SNES on the tv and we're cooking on the fire tonight with some of his buddies..

and.....Our real estate agent called a couple hours ago, left a message saying we had a response to our offer (didnt say what) and now is not picking up her phone or returning my message!! I'm pulling my hair out waiting to hear. She said she wants us to come to her office today, my friend who works for her said thats got to be a good thing. So fingers crossed! Maybe Kevin will have a pretty damn good birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Kevin! :D
    And good luck to you guys with the house!
    How exciting!

  2. That would be an awesome birthday present for Kevin; an old, spooky garage/house/barn thingy:) and a really nice house!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you XX