Saturday, June 23, 2012

Locked into a contract!

We are officially about half way through the home buying process.
I scoured the internet for weeks looking for a house that would be big enough, and had the right look to it that I love. Kevin needs workshop space, and I need studio space, and we also needed just space to live normal lives with out having to clean our tiny house for 2 hours straight before a client comes over (our current house is so small, 2 or 3 things out of place and it looks a mess!) Finally I found a house that made me excited to see it. Kevin was a little more reserved at first, he didn't want to get too attached early on, like I tend to do.  I finally came across this little gem! Little isn't the right word, the house is over 2000sqft, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a den and an office! A huge living room with and dining room, with beautiful wood floors, an already amazing retro kitchen, and of course a basement for me to hide from tornadoes in (we don't have one now, and im always on edge when theres even a watch, my great grandma had part of her house ripped off with her and her siblings inside when they were kids, and since then instilled fear in my grandma, who instilled it in my mom, and well, you get the idea!) And a nice big garage for Kevin to work in. 

I knew Kevin was hooked after the first time we looked at it, he started referring to it as "our house", and telling my its suppose to be ours, haha. He's cute. Now we're locked into a contract with the seller, and we're getting it inspected in a couple weeks (earliest appointment they had..)
In the mean time its taking all I have in me not to start packing and picking out wall colors. (okay i've kind of already pick out some wall colors, ill admit it.) I know we're not out of the woods yet, but i'm so excited that the very first thing I'll own that isn't an old car that doesnt run right now might be this big beautiful house. I love that it has old doorknobs from when it was built in 1906, but still has its quirky 50s/early 60s renovations, like ice blocks windows in the den, retro hardware on the kitchen cupboards, and, well, some (just some) pretty ugly carpet, but I have a feeling there is nice wood floors under most of it! And MY GOD, the closet space! I think every bedroom has at least 3 closets except one. There are built in shelves, cupboards and drawers everywhere, and above the garage is a nice big attic space. I would be SO happy to finally have real storage space for all my crazy costumes and props, and could actually start getting more of the stuff I want to use in photos! I think in the long run, it may be a lot of work getting this house, and I am no fan of painting, or any manual labor. But it could make our lives so much easier, I could expand my business, and maybe even my family, someday...Yeah, more cats! (haha.) On a side note, I really want a pet chicken. Just throwing that out there.

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