Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

 My Grandpa Charles J. Lucian (Luciano was the family name before they came to America from Sicily) He was the first generation from that line of my family born in the state. He was shot down in a plane in WWII on D-day in Normandy France. He had to parachute from the plane, when he landed he was captured by the enemy, hung up in a barn and was whipped for information, when he said nothing, his captors left, leaving him alive thank god (not sure if they thought they left him for dead or not..) He managed to untie himself and hide in some bushes until he was rescued by allies. He was awarded the purple heart. He is a true American hero! He has inspired me, and has given me a good work ethic (and probably is the reason i'm so stubborn.)
Below are some of my military inspired pin ups! And below that is more photos of my grandpa, enjoy!!

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  1. Thank the Lord for keeping him safe through the war!
    Great photos as always.
    Oh... and your blog is looking super cute, love the music too!