Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our annual nerdy cat christmas card

 Kevin and I put together a christmas card every year with our kitties, and this year after adding Tinkerbelle we definitely couldn't stop! Tonight we shot the card above, Kevin played with the kitties and got their attention so they did cute poses (we have a lot of pretty funny outtakes I may post later) I can't get over how adorable willow (the black cat) is lying on the box, who knew with a tiny bit of cat nip sprinkled he'd strike such a sweet pose! Did I say tiny bit of cat nip?? Just be sure if you try this, and you're going to shake the bag of catnip to get your kitty to look at the camera, make sure the bag is CLOSED first...or else you'll end up a bit like this:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Kids!

 I did a special for vintage christmas kids photos yesterday! Today i'm shooting lots of christmas pin ups! I can't wait to post those next! The two kids in the first two photos have moms who are best friends, and are dead set on them being married someday, so cute!! We could not get any cheek kisses for photos tho, bummer!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The love birds goes antiquing!

      (Mitzi this book is awesome!)

Kevin and I went the the Livingston antique mall. Thats always a big treat for me, this place is HUGE and I always find good stuff. Kevin and I have been a little down in the dumps, and we needed to cheer ourselves up a bit so we went antiquing and had a very good day! Here are some of my finds:

My AMAZING best lamp EVER. I am so in love with this lamp, and it was only $40! Kevin is going to re-wire it for me, I can't wait! Here's some other random stuff from my house!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pin ups Love Pussycats!!

Hey everyone!!! So my very first calendar has been released, its now for sale on etsy here!
Whats great about this calendar is every penny goes to the mid-michigan cat rescue!

They desperately need to buy a bigger facility so they don't have to turn away any kitties, they are WAY over
capacity. The founder even has 40 or more kittens living in her house because they're so over packed! But whats great about MMCR is they are a NO KILL shelter! They even take in countless cats who are scheduled to be euthanize by other local shelters (perfectly good cats too!) to give them a second chance!
This really means a lot to me! So even if you can't buy a calendar I hope you will please spread the word!
You can also like the calendar page on facebook:

Here is a sneak peek of one of my favorite photos from the calendar that I haven't released online anywhere before!